How We Work with You 

  Identify nonprofit organizations whose activities are aligned with your business philosophy 

  Review your current contributions to nonprofit organizations and provide an assessment of the strategic value of your donations 

  Recommend appropriate levels of giving based on the type and size of your business 

  Help you develop effective partnerships with nonprofit organizations that will provide long-term benefit to them and to your company 

  Design innovative community projects that meet critical needs and facilitate relationships that are important to your company 

  Craft communication strategies that spotlight the organizations you support and assure that you receive appropriate recognition for your contributions 

  Leverage all your philanthropic giving with your community relations and public affairs strategies 


A Nexus Northwest case study 

One of our most successful philanthropic projects is The Foraker Group.  We assisted with the “birth” of this visionary organization during our grant making years with ARCO Alaska.  We continue working with Foraker, helping to develop programs to build a stronger nonprofit sector in the state.

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