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 from planning to successful implementation

Community Relations  more  

A positive relationship with your community is essential for your company to be perceived as a good neighbor.  These relationships develop more fully through planning that is based on the operating values of your organization along with programs to help better your community. 

Public Involvement more

Public involvement makes the difference between a smooth road to project approval, or a long climb with costly detours.  When organizations and agencies develop environmental impact statements or carry out facility siting, active public participation is critical to address the issues and concerns of a community. 

Communication Planning  more 

The ability to get the right message to the right people in the right way is the hallmark of a successful communication program.  Knowing your audience and targeting your message help you tell your story, while making best use of your resources. 

Crisis Communication  more 

No organization can anticipate all the events that may threaten its reputation or hamper its ability to operate.  Whether it’s an accident, an operational problem or damaging reports in the press, preparing for a crisis is the best guarantee for appropriately managing it. 

Issues Management  more 

The most effective way to deal with important issues in the public arena is to anticipate them and prepare your position before other parties control the discussion.  Good research and carefully developed strategies allow you to present your case to the public and to decision makers and assure your views get a fair hearing. 

Strategic Philanthropy  more 

Philanthropic companies make vital contributions to a community’s quality of life.  The challenge comes in assuring that resources both help nonprofit organizations fulfill their missions and, at the same time, wisely invest shareholder dollars.

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