U.S. Air Force F-22 Public Meetings




As part of its preparation of an environmental impact statement on siting the new F-22 Aircraft Operational Wing, the Air Force needed to hold a series of public meetings in 35 different Alaska villages.  The challenge was to generate interest in villages and at the same time respect the Native culture with this outreach and communication process.  The Air Force did not want to be viewed as “someone from Washington” coming in to tell rural residents about one more thing that was going to affect their lives. 


  Determine appropriate contacts in each village, explain why the Air Force is visiting and cultivate a relationship with leaders to assure that the team is welcome
  Develop appropriate messages and communication material
  Provide training on how to effectively communicate with rural audiences
  Brief team members on the unique cultural aspects of each community
  Accompany the Air Force team to assure they have proper introductions to residents and Native leaders
  Serve as liaison to the media 


The Air Force team was welcomed in virtually every community; messages were positively received and no opposition surfaced to siting the F-22 in Alaska.




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