The Foraker Group


Nonprofit organizations in Alaska had grown to depend too heavily on the oil industry for support and had not developed the skills needed to effectively engage boards, develop broad-based fundraising plans, communicate their mission to the public and manage their agencies efficiently.  A comprehensive approach was needed to provide education, management services and a broader philanthropic base for the sector. 


  Work with the United Way of Anchorage to promote the concept of The Foraker Group to funders and nonprofit organizations
  Conduct needs assessment for the educational programs through surveys and focus groups
  Write business plan that included market analysis, benchmarks and evaluation metrics

  Develop partnerships with the University of Alaska and Alaska Pacific University to offer credit for Foraker programs
  Secure funding from corporations and foundations to meet the initial $2.6 million budget

  Manage and market the programs and services
  Develop “brand” for Foraker that positions it as a highly competent group of nonprofit professionals with a commitment to improving the sector
  Communicate the “brand” through written material, the website, public contacts and presentations, training sessions and consultations
  Maintain an emphasis on the needs of rural Native villages and develop training programs specifically for them


In the eight years since its launch, The Foraker Group has become the leading organization in Alaska for education, training and services to the nonprofit sector.  Its “brand” has become fixed as Foraker moves from an unknown, start-up organization to an established and respected service provider.  Through a comprehensive promotional effort, including a multi-purpose website, knowledge of Foraker has extended far beyond Anchorage to remote Alaska villages. 




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