Advocacy program for the Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority




The AMHTA wanted to coordinate and broaden its advocacy activities for its beneficiaries – Alaskans who experience mental illness, developmental disabilities, chronic alcoholism, or Alzheimer's disease and related dementia.  The trustees wanted a comprehensive communication and advocacy program that allowed them to effectively interact with policy-makers on the state and local levels and present a compelling argument to adequately fund programs and services for beneficiaries.  The Trust also wanted to reduce the stigma and change public perceptions of its beneficiaries.


  Identify goals and objectives for the 2004 legislative session
  Develop a plan that builds on available marketing research
  Provide a process for keeping staff and board members of the trust and its member agencies up to date on policy issues and decisions
  Train advocates on ways to approach policy-makers and persuade them to preserve current programs and services
  Articulate messages that tell the stories of beneficiaries and demonstrate the value of services to individuals, families and communities
  Produce a “tool kit” for advocates
  Facilitate relationships between advocates and key policy-makers


The Trust and its member agencies are better prepared to deal with the issues that will arise in the legislative session relating to budget and program cuts.  They understand the need for and methods to develop on-going relationships that will allow them to present effective arguments for maintaining a level of care for their beneficiaries.






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