The Army Corps of Engineers Strategic Communication Plan




The Corps is a significant presence in Alaska, managing a diverse portfolio of military and civilian projects.  To keep its customers and the public as informed as possible on developing projects, the Corps wants to be sure itís effectively using its resources to communicate.  At the same time, senior managers of the Corps want to spend more time with their customers and in the community, articulating their mission and gathering support for their activities.  We assisted them by developing a strategic communication plan that includes templates for individual projects.


  Establish communication goals and develop strategies to support them
  Identify audiences that can influence Corps success by either supporting or challenging actions
  Develop key messages that complement the values of the Corps and educate targeted audiences on its projects and processes
  Identify key relationships that the Corps should cultivate
  Keep abreast of political and/or regulatory issues that may affect the Corps
  Advise on regular communication with customers and local communities
  Identify targeted opportunities for the Corps to educate its audiences


The Corps is now able to better anticipate opportunities to let its customers and the public know about projects.  Senior management has set a priority of regularly interacting with customers and key decision makers.  Ultimately, this will result in more trust and understanding on both sides and a greater chance of successfully managing projects that have a significant impact on the Corps mission in Alaska.




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